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This page was eaten by giant killer rabid snails

The page you are looking for is now sitting in the stomach of some gigantic creature. Whatcha gonna do? Cry about it?

Please try the following:

  • Run around sobbing like the pathetic little twit you are that some slimy snail had the audacity to make a meal out of the page that you were so intent on visiting.
  • Click Back on your browser and return years later with an angry mob in an attempt to slay the killer snail that ate your webpage. Or you could go bitch at the webmistress for being too much of a lazy goof to actually make sure all of her links work right.
  • Plot all out war against snail-kind. We're talking nukes, missiles, automatic machine guns and all other sorts of really neat explosive devices available in your friendly, neighborhood hardware store. When committing mass snail genocide of apocalyptic proportions, be sure to exorcize all of the proper safety precautions. Never, under any circumstances should you stick your finger or any other appendage attached to your body in a snailís mouth at any time, as such a thing is extremely stupid and may cause extreme pain. Also, you should refrain from detonating anti-snail missiles while still standing within a twenty-foot radius of the heinous snail you wish to terminate. This will also cause you extreme pain as well as get you a nomination for the Darwin Awards because you will most likely be reduced to millions of tiny bits.

    If you're still reading this, good for you. What do you want a cookie? Click back on your browser already, dumbass.